Perl – Specialist Software Development

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One of my language specialties is Perl. It is a language that I have a long acquaintance with. If you need work done on a Perl system, I offer highly-developed skills with the language.

Perl as a programming language has been around since late 1987. My use of it does not go quite that far back. However, I have used the language for much of that time. And I have followed its development of more modern language principles. While no longer as popular a language as it once was, there is still a large installed base of Perl programs. I can offer expert help in dealing with that code, whether you plan to keep using it or want to port it to a new language.

As a scripting language, it is particularly suitable for rapid development techniques such as “Agile”. Some programming discipline is necessary to ensure that it remains readable and maintainable. My services include the decoding of existing programs into a more disciplined format

Projects in Perl

My projects with the language range from smaller scripts using it as a “glue” language to larger programs. While the code for many of these projects are private, I do have a couple of project descriptions available:

Samples of Perl code

Some of my work is publicly available. This includes an interesting project that required parsing Perl programs to output a summary file. In this case, I took advantage of the wealth of CPAN modules and built the program around an existing parsing module. The output format, however, was not quite standard YAML and it was easier to develop a custom output system. It is available on github as the SemanticMergePerl repository.