Support for Business Linux and Open Source

Nowadays, your computer systems are your crucial to business success. With my support your systems will keep up with your business needs. I take care of configuring and maintaining your systems. My specialist knowledge of Linux and Open Source technologies is applied to your system. Any problems are dealt with as quickly as possible.

Support Available

On Site – Perth, Western Australia

I can provide on-site support to clients within the Perth metropolitan area. This includes initial consultation meetings and any required on-boarding. Further work can be either on-site or via remote access, as required.

Remote and Cloud

With remote access, I can offer support wherever the server is physically located. This includes supporting virtual or cloud servers. And local servers, when an on-site visit is not required. Please note that I only exchange passwords and other credentials via secure channels.


Take advantage of a regular plan which allows you to purchase a number of support or maintenance hours per month at a discounted rate. Unused hours will roll over into the next month. Continued support of system on an ad hoc basis is available.

Systems Supported

I have many years of industry experience dealing with Linux and Unix systems. My expertise covers building, configuring, operating or maintaining these systems. In particular, some of the systems that I support are:

  • Linux Servers
    • CentOS Linux
    • Debian Linux
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
    • SUSE Linux
    • Ubuntu Linux

Technologies Supported

I have a working knowledge of multiple software technologies. These include most of the popular Open Source packages. My support for them includes customization as well as configuration and maintenance. Some of the software technologies that I support are:

  • Database Server – MySQL
  • DNS Server – Bind
  • File Server – Samba, NFS
  • Mail – Postfix, Exim, Sendmail
  • Web Server – Apache, PHP
  • Virtualization – Linux KVM, Xen


My support services cover such common issues as:

  • Software installation and maintenance
  • Operating system configuration
  • General software development
  • Cloud deployment
  • System Design and Architecture